Ambroid - The Browser War Game
Ambroid is a FREE, Multiplayer, Retro, Browser based online war game.

Designed to be simple yet challenging, Ambroid will put you in a virtual world with land and money. You have to use your tactical mind to build up a powerful military and kingdom, to be the most economical but more importantly utmost powerful commander.

The skilled and wise will thrive and flourish here, the rest will die and be forgotten.

Think you've got what it takes to be the best commander of all time?
START HERE and begin your conquest.

Latest War: 23-02-2024 20:53 - Ornitier[2](Lt Colonel) attacked dznts[4] winning 98 acres of land

Current Top 5 Players

Current Top 5 Players
Position Status Name
1Lt ColonelInuyasia[2]
2Lt ColonelOrnitier[2]
3Lt ColonelMadfrog[2]

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Players: 31
Alliances: 4
Currently Online: 0
Total Land: 61,877
Total Wars: 206