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Viperek Posted: 28-11-2013 14:50:07
Joined: 01-01-1970
Posts: 0
if ambroids get down i come to decap and launch nukes from my basestar :D
Drakonis_Ordo Posted: 11-04-2014 05:47:13
Joined: 28-03-2014
Posts: 1
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: a
I remember playing this game years ago... used the name Soldier. Was a kid back then, like 10 or so. I miss those days heh.
Edith76 Posted: 20-07-2017 23:53:23

Joined: 13-07-2017
Posts: 2
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: USA
Sorry fellas looks like ambroid is now dead...I stumbled across ambroid a week ago and it was AWESOME the strategy and the war and plans and alliance is was so cool....but I saw no one has attacked me and realized the game was dead....Im really sad this seemed like an awesome game, this game needs a boost if you ever want to be the same again
Spectre Posted: 07-09-2017 06:59:14
Joined: 20-12-2014
Posts: 2
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: a
Good to see Viperek has not developed any sort of mastery of the English language. And im off for another few years.
GuardianJam Posted: 08-09-2017 22:13:07
Joined: 22-01-2017
Posts: 7
Alliance: 1
Rank: Admin
From: United Kingdom
We are in the process of developing the game. :-) There is progress, but please bare with. We have some good things coming.

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