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Tyler Posted: 02-07-2012 17:30:26
Joined: 01-01-1970
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There is a site called, on average they have 2000-4000 members online daily. You can go on there and post a topic and most likely get people to sign up. Easy way to advertise. Also I will make a topic if anyone doesn't want to. For a topic title, put something misleading, like "Selena Gomez naked" or since it's a gaming website put "hosting modded lobby"
For the post, you can do this if you want.

Ambroid is a FREE, multiplayer, Browser based online WAR GAME.

Designed to be simple yet challenging, Ambroid will put you in a virtual world with land and money. You have to use your tactical mind to build up a powerful military and kingdom, to be the most economical but more importantly utmost powerful commander.

The skilled and wise will thrive and flourish here, the rest will die and be forgotten.

Think you've got what it takes to be the best commander of all time?

Sign up here - (will get you a free week of premium)

So just copy and paste that if you want, and keep posting in different areas like the general discussion, modern warfare 3 section, and just big sections. Post as many as you can because you will get banned eventually.

If you get banned, you should be able to make a few more accounts, if you want make another account and keep doing same thing either then or another day so they will click on the link.
I would do this but I'm IP banned from the site, which means I can't post.

If anyone does this, thanks you for helping the site :).

Also if you want, you can add the ambroid video to it, which is

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