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Decapitator Posted: 25-04-2013 15:44:57

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Game agreement changes:

* Accounts:
The maximum amount of accounts permitted per household / IP is 3.
Those allowed will be monitored and if deemed are attempting in any way to cheat or abuse game (using one account to spy on alliance, farming etc) will be banned.
At no time are you allowed to create an account for another user.
If you run a club (internet cafe etc) please tell support to arrange authorized multiple accounts allowed on game.
Additionally creating or logging into an account on a proxy is not allowed.
You as a person/user are allowed 3 accounts on the game as a maximum, there are no restrictions on where these accounts are in alliances. Accounts may not be merged into one account, by atacking yourself, sending money or any other related game user specific principle. 3 accounts may attack,send aid, money to 1 individual account providing the attacked account is not your own etc.

* Accessing Ambroid
You must not access the game via proxy. If a user is suspected to own more than 3 accounts they will be banned.

* Assassination Accounts:
Prohibited. Any such user found to be creating an account specifically to attack a user and then delete will be banned.

game content changes:
Alliances put back into game, recruitment and alliance management tools put back into the game. 3 account allowance added to the game.

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