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Confederate Posted: 20-10-2013 20:30:08

Joined: 29-10-2011
Posts: 24
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: a
My dear friends of Ambroid,

I leave you now to do as you wish with my account. Kill me, leave me, or copy me, it matters not. The game is very creative, especially for a text based game. I do not like the new three account rule but that is only my opinion. This game has brought me much joy, and friendships that I wish to acknowledge.

Jimmy, my first good friend it was an honor to battle beside and against you; you are a formidable foe who has adapted to the rule change well. Mark, you too are a very good player, and I am sorry if your mom truly passed. Irish you are very nice person, I don't have a bad thing to say about you. Sammy Girl, I enjoyed our rivalry and our time as allies. Chevy, I finally got you but you are a master of Ambroid for sure. The only part I disliked about the politics was the lack of honesty and trust but I suppose that is the downside of the Internet.

Sniper and Decap you have a possible revenue generator on your hands but it needs an update. Android would be a great platform for an APP that could make you bank if it had easier controls for a phone. Thanks for making such a great game and keeping up on everything.

I will not be checking back sad to say, for I must move on in this life. Those who misunderstood why I picked Confederate as my name, I implore you to study history a bit more, the Confederacy fought for liberty not slavery. We are in a time now where we could use a bit more southern spirit. Stay free and well, God Will Vindicate/Deo Vindice; it was the motto on the crest of the Confederacy.

I wish you all the best and truly enjoyed playing this game with you all.
My account shall remain for a short time as a reminder to the complacent, check the kill list if you are confused as to what I mean. I may have never made it to the HOF but I did enough to satisfy myself. Anyways, enough egotistical discourse, farewell Ambroid the good times shared will be treasured by this old infantryman.
Viperek Posted: 21-10-2013 19:33:09
Joined: 29-10-2011
Posts: 24
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: a
yes , we should be allowed to run 1 and only 1 account - this is killing game

have god nice day , good luck

do you play other game?

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