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Decapitator Posted: 01-08-2014 17:25:39

Joined: 11-02-2015
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Rank: Admin
From: United Kingdom
just to make everyone clear, since ambroid is on my home server it will not be going anywhere anytime soon. at the moment we have no email support but im looking at fixing this.

i have taken the decision to make no major changes to the game.
as counter productive as this may sound, this will also be very effective in the future, well at least thats the plan.

we will be staying as an old classic web based game, 20 years from now, people will seek us out, to enjoy the "old way" of gaming on the net.

whats your take on this guys, do you think its a good idea? or downright stupid lmao?
GeneralGranger Posted: 22-08-2014 12:14:03
Joined: 24-06-2015
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From: a
Vangie Posted: 13-01-2015 20:17:15
Joined: 13-01-2015
Posts: 2
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Rank: Private
From: a
And theres still a mountain of bugs and issues with the game as there was when I first joined all those years ago

Still here Mike lol

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