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Decapitator Posted: 12-02-2011 01:27:37

Joined: 11-02-2015
Posts: 74
Alliance: 0
Rank: Major
From: United Kingdom
Position Status Name
1 General e90[6]
2 General Sky[6]
3 General jareth94[6]
4 General Marines[5]
5 General DrKill[6]
6 General craig12[5]
7 General Smoke[2]
8 General dux[5]
9 Lt General MAK[5]
10 Lt General Darkassassin[5]
11 Lt General sk8slaya[5]
12 Lt General SG[5]
13 Lt General Gladiator1595[5]
14 Lt General HeZ[5]
15 Lt General GaryBusey[5]
16 Lt General Nogata[5]
17 Lt General Magma[5]
18 Lt General pyromaniac[6]
19 Major General powerboyjoe[5]
20 Major General me21[5]
21 Major General Irukandji[6]
22 Major General Thunderboy[1]
23 Major General Andy24[6]
24 Major General puregold[5]
25 Major General Buster[1]
26 Major General Freefly[5]
27 Major General Blacklight[6]
28 Colonel chevycarlo87[10]
29 Colonel Revelation[1]
30 Colonel Kennek[5]
31 Colonel Katana[5]
32 Colonel kyno20[6]
33 Colonel STORMxTROOPER[6]
34 Lt Colonel 66boss66[5]
35 Lt Colonel gabriele777
36 Lt Colonel jajang[6]
37 Lt Colonel Canada[2]
38 Lt Colonel orangaring[3]
39 Lt Colonel panhead[6]
40 Lt Colonel Valkyrie[5]
41 Lt Colonel Black_Hawk_Down[5]
42 Lt Colonel Eli[5]
43 Lt Colonel bigbear43
44 Lt Colonel darkcommander[6]
45 Lt Colonel madbatman89[6]
46 Lt Colonel Nightwolf507[6]
47 Major Messiah[5]
48 Major Fazzally[6]
49 Major Crispymango[2]
50 Major Falcon[12]
51 Major underdog78[3]
52 Major generalgranger[8]
53 Major Datakiller[1]
54 Major Felix0805[13]
55 Major Davethebox[6]
56 Major shofiq[2]
57 Major Viperek[3]
58 Major rock2[11]
59 Major Hoot
60 Major TinyDemon577[6]
61 Major pdevries1976[3]
62 Major getbeat[9]
63 Major Nyklis
64 Major mungo[3]
65 Major ladygaga[5]
66 Captain Naztorator[5]
67 Captain Dylaned[4]
68 Captain PureKlass[4]
69 Captain ThunderFart[13]
70 Captain reaper110[4]
71 Captain ninjajacker[5]
72 Captain neonjesus[4]
73 Captain ben1935
74 Captain bags
75 Captain CaptainJones
76 Captain bigbogbag[1]
77 Captain Adriana[9]
78 Captain theyoungkingiv
79 Private parthshah20[9]
80 Private sharp1r[4]
81 Private xacist[9]
82 Private waggy124578
83 Private Alexi
84 Private dudeazombie
85 Private takkhino[4]
86 Private zx12[2]
87 Private Jorrel[9]
88 Private Flaming[9]
89 Private trump95
90 Private ROMEOo
91 Private thorr618
92 Private luckyse7en
93 Private iwokeupinapanic
94 Private toton[9]
95 Private bengi1999[3]
96 Private duduxxl
97 Private redhawk00001[4]
98 Private Tempz[4]
99 Private robbiegood
100 Private topimi
Darkassassin Posted: 12-02-2011 03:49:44

Joined: 08-10-2013
Posts: 18
Alliance: 0
Rank: General
From: a
god ****it I made top 10 again?
powerboyjoe Posted: 12-02-2011 03:53:31
Joined: 22-11-2015
Posts: 4
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: a
Woo 19th not bad for restarting half way through the season
me21 Posted: 12-02-2011 04:03:52

Joined: 10-09-2013
Posts: 157
Alliance: 1
Rank: General
From: a
Everyones just so scared of you DA we aid you up so you always make top ten :D
e90 Posted: 12-02-2011 14:50:56

Joined: 16-11-2013
Posts: 5
Alliance: 3
Rank: General
From: a
and why everytime ppl outside alliance me21 win a season they said a cheater or having

just face it up dude......-_-
talk less do
me21 Posted: 12-02-2011 14:55:12

Joined: 10-09-2013
Posts: 157
Alliance: 1
Rank: General
From: a
I'm actually not to sad about this loss. You've had multis before and you'll have multis again and your name will be gone from HOF.

Actually someone mentioned something to me interesting about you. Your friendship goes to the highest bidder and that's all you'll be remembered for versus people who actually have some degree of loyalty
e90 Posted: 13-02-2011 14:24:22

Joined: 16-11-2013
Posts: 5
Alliance: 3
Rank: General
From: a
i never use any multi this season dude.....
and i dont care if my name will be gone....
i already prove it by winning 2 times without any multi, and without getting help from others.....

well if you say that i have multi....
tell me who???

and i dont even care if all of you not trust me......

useless talking with
me21 Posted: 13-02-2011 20:09:47

Joined: 10-09-2013
Posts: 157
Alliance: 1
Rank: General
From: a
Its not like its a secret. We all know. If you think your actingsly by denying it whatever you want to think. It is true what they say how "Ignorance is Bliss" Maybe when you step into a light of self evaluation you'll see that
Assassin Posted: 14-02-2011 00:49:55
Joined: 10-09-2013
Posts: 157
Alliance: 1
Rank: General
From: a
So is it alright to have multis? If he uses them I want to, will I get banned?
Thunderboy Posted: 14-02-2011 01:40:51
Joined: 31-12-2014
Posts: 6
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: a
Your not aloud to use multis and yes you will get banned assassin

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