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Aim of the Game
The aim of Ambroid is to become the most powerful! You must try and get a rank of "General", then you know you're something. This is no easy task. To do this, you will need to kill people, rob them and take their land and money! The rest of this guide explains everything.

The Basics
How to stay up and running! First of all, you have to sign up to an alliance. To do this click recruitment and choose one! Once you have done this, your Ambroid career really starts! Secondly, you have to bring people to your squad! To do this, Go to buildings. The text will tell you how much spare land you have available. You do not really want to have spare land! So check the tip bar, it will tell u what u need to build, though over time you will develop your own strategies for maximum efficiency!

Building Description
1 House houses 100 people
1 Farm feeds 100 people and employs 10 people
1 Factory employs 10 people and reduces tank, helicopters and bomber costs per % built. (T-80s, BMPs, Mi-28s, AH-64s, RAH-66s, B-52s and B-2s
1 Hangar employs 10 people and reduces Helicopter, jets and bomber costs per % built. (Mi-28s, AH-64s, RAH-66s, F-16s, F-117s, F-22s, B-52s and B-2s)
1 Turret employs 10 people and counts as 5 DP
1 Repair Bay employs 10 people and reduces loss of units per % built

In the HQ it will tell you how many people are housed, fed and employed. You want to keep these numbers the same!
Now we're touching the good stuff! Build any units at will.

A typical strategy would be to build a unit in the category that is cost reduced (by buildings) You also have to choose whether to play defensive or offensive, and how far extreme! Unit AP / DP
T-80 (Tank) 1 AP 1 DP
BMP (Tank) 1 AP 2 DP
MI-28 Havoc 1 AP 3 DP
AH-64 Apache 2 AP 3 DP
RAH-66 Comanche 3 AP 3 DP
F-16 Falcon 4 AP 3 DP
F-117 NightHawk 5 AP 3 DP
F-22 Raptor 5 AP 4 DP

Key Terms
Term Description

PP Power Points, the average of your AP and DP.

Attack Points, the amount of your Attack Points.

Defence Points, the amount of your Defence Points.

Population/Leader Popularity. Going to war will scare people off and reduce your popularity with your civilians. You need civilians for income, and new civilians will eventually join but low tax rates will speed up the process.

Roughly your amount of DP per Acre.

Your land amount.

Alliances play a big role in Ambroid! Alliances are somewhat like empires and rise and fall. You may only own 1 Alliance, but you can use this Alliance also as a business. Alliances feature a banking system in which leaders can determine who can and cannot receive money from the Alliance vaults. Alliances are built on a great deal of trust and can easily falter, the management must also be organized and ready for total war. If you're thinking about joining an Alliance, go to the recruitment page. Alliances are designed to be like real world corporations or unions and therefore can be huge. tip: if you are very active these are the places to be!

Alliances - Sovereignty
Sovereignty allows you to grow your Alliance member count and ultimately make your Alliance stronger. There are 5 levels of sovereignty in total, each harder to achieve than the last. The highest level of sovereignty will give your Alliance access to the banking facility, making you a force to be reckoned with. Sovereignty can be upgraded from the politics panel.

level Requirements Maximum
Members Un lockable features
Level 0 Alliance setup fee 5 -
Level 1 5 members, level fee 10 -
Level 2 10 members, level fee 30 -
Level 3 30 members, level fee 75 -
Level 4 75 members, level fee 150 -
Level 5 150 members, level fee 300 Bank

This is your key to success. It is also very complex. First you need to find someone to attack! Go to the alliance page, choose an alliance and find someone at your status. Next you need to find out their DP. This is roughly their networth multiplied by their amount of land! Now you have to go to war and send a higher AP than their DP. Once you have attacked, it will tell you the AP and DP, your results. If you lost, look at their DP and send a higher amount, if you have it left! If you won, congratulations! Try not to go to war too much in one day or too many civilians will leave and it'll take longer to get them back. Remember, you cannot attack a user that is under protection either through the 3 day starter protection system, or those that have “surrendered” their army. You can also use the espionage feature that will select a suitable target for you automatically!

When you “surrender” your squad, you loose 75% of its population.
You enter 3 days protection and you do not lose any money or units. Please note that you have to play for two weeks to have this option.

Ranking - Status
Depending on how many powerpoints or how much land you have, determines just how high you are in the game. Making it to General is a mighty task, but is achievable!

Powerpoints Acres Status
0 - 500 PP OR 0 - 2500 Acres - Private
500 - 5000 PP OR 2501 - 5000 Acres - Captain
5000 - 50000 PP OR 5001 -10000 Acres - Major
50000 - 500000 PP - - - Lt. Colonel
500000 - 1000000 PP - - - Colonel
1000000 - 2500000 PP - - - Major General
2500000 - 5000000 PP - - - Lt. General
5000000 + PP - - - General

In Game Color Identifiers
Turquoise - User is under protection.
Yellow - User is online now.
Red - User is Premium user.
Green - User is a Moderator or Admin.

Squad Bonus's
Captains get Satellite Defence Buildings.
Majors get B-52's.
Lt. Colonels get B-2's.
Colonels get ICBM Mobile Launcher's.
Major Generals get BML Submarine's and Naval Yard Buildings.
Lt. Generals get Artillery Platform Buildings.
Generals get the honor of being the top rank with a deadly weapon!

Satellite Defense (building) - 200 DP.
Artillery Platform (building) - 500 DP.

Season restarts
Season restarts occur every 3 months and are always at midnight. A season restart means that all game data is cleared and the game starts freshly. You will be able to login to your account, without recreating it (unless it is required that user data be also cleared). The game will load the defaults of when you first created your account, keeping your user options and settings.

Military Availability
When you go to war and send units into battle, those units cannot be sent into battle again for another 12 hours. If you attack again within this 12 hour period, your units will not be available again until 12 hours, even if they were unavailable before the attack.

Hall of Fame and the Archives
To get into the Hall of Fame, you must finish within the top 10 of the most recent season. To get into the Archives of the Hall, you must win the season. While the top 10 changes by the season, those in the archives will be remembered forever. This could be considered the ultimate goal of Ambroid!

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