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GuardianJam Posted: 09-09-2017 07:21:28
Joined: 22-01-2017
Posts: 6
Alliance: 1
Rank: Admin
From: United Kingdom
As some of you are aware, we are working on some serious improvements for the game.

We would love to hear what new features, requests and ideas you have so we can put these into the future versions.

Canada Posted: 18-04-2018 16:51:36
Joined: 19-02-2014
Posts: 1
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: a
Mobile-friendly website
Graywolfx Posted: 30-04-2018 20:53:37
Joined: 30-04-2018
Posts: 1
Alliance: 5
Rank: Private
From: Unknown
Bringing it back to life. This game was my favorite game 10 years ago.
MarkSharp2 Posted: 03-09-2018 00:38:49
Joined: 27-03-2018
Posts: 1
Alliance: 0
Rank: Private
From: Unknown
You should make the game a app and place it in play stores like Google and Apple also to help generate money male packs that you can buy have the packs have like in game money and mabe a player protect shild or so on to intise people to buy this game was awsome back in the day when I was play but the game started dieing as soon as you took away the banking system mabe before that but it put the nail in the coffin

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