Coming soon - AlertNew Mobile Friendly Homepage (but also retaining a retro one).
Mobile Browser Game (Same game, able to render on mobiles better).
Orignally planned, subject to change:
Member management system for Alliance leaders.
Update to espionage and locating war targets.
Adding Send All into war (premium feature)
1 February 24 - Alert First season restart in over 10 years. Gosh !
12 February 11 - Changed sov system, send aid, bank, repairbays.
Changed core email system.
Tax rate - Now changing per day. 
War - User informed about protection properly. 
Military resets change - user can only attack successfully 10 times a day (unless premium). 
Repair Bays added back into game - Only work when attacked, limit to available per day.
12th August 10 - Brought the bank back with transfer limitations per user, per day.
Added a buddy system into the game. Get rewarded for inviting new players!
Added sovereignty levels to Alliances. Higher sovereignty allows bigger Alliances and access to the bank feature at level 5 sov.
Buddy program gives new invited players 10 days limited premium trial.
12th May 10 - Removed bank.
Improved YouTube video support.
Added Espionage feature to war page, to help new players.
Changed Alliance system - 20 users = 1 alliance allowed to be made.
Season length now 3 months.
Multiple behind the scenes updates.
2% pop loss for attacks, 1% pop loss for lost attacks.
12th January 10 - Fixed inactive account reminder, banned players also no longer attackable.
Squad news - You are now able to select the amount of news to view as premium member.
Premium - Now able to hide premium member status.
Recruitment - Select an alliance in recruitment to specifically go to.
New kill system - Never lose an account name again due to being killed.
Intelligent IP tracking system.
16th July 09 - Updated Site front pages. Now using modified old design, faster, user friendly.
12th June 09 - Updated agreement page, now in game. E-Mails updated to show ambroid "its a free world". Added new feature to free land, invite 1 friend a day to also claim land. Added a Privacy Policy to the site.
10th March 09 - Bank update deployed - Deposit to alliance vaults.
Also updated security systems and database connections.
4th March 09 - War update deployed - no more set time resets.
11th February 09 - Ambroid 3.9: Added banking system, alliance system update, alliances now act like clans, leaders can only own 1 alliance, nuclear research lab price lowered, inactive account mailer system, updated deletion system, user interface updates etc. Implementation of auto barring system.
12th October 08 - Ambroid 3.8: Added protection remover, status by pp then land, alt tags, meta tags, points system removed, new browse information, 2 resets a day, custom unit designer, user hometown, co-leader able to resign, nuke changed from £50,000 to £20,000, user interface changes.
29th May 08 - Ambroid season restarted due to host collapse. The season resumes and will end on the 29th september. Due to this there has been a server change! Hopefully the game should run faster now.
11th December 07 - Ambroid 3.6: installed security updates, user account restore capabilities, administration improvements. Video's feature added, Video page added, Free land page removed, Explore land page revised with new pay for land feature and free land. Chat room improvements to v1.2 chat. User simplicity reviewed, changed some layouts of forms. Surrender Army function implemented, Sent messages page added. Premium Ambroiders now allowed multiple accounts. Banned page removed (due to lack of reason for it being there).
1st June 07 - Ambroid 3.5: Installed New Design of homepage, Added unit and building images to the game, updated chat room to work correctly. Sorted the issues concerning 403 page errors on Ambroid. Installed New helping features including a forum search option in the Ambroid guide. Removed Trash units from the game due to, Rank hopping problems.
1st January 07 - Biggest expansion Ambroid 3.3, to date in Ambroid history since Admin ¤Ðéçäþî†ä†ó®¤ take over. New units, Buildings, theme colors, chat room, no P2P, Banner remove option and new security and banning features installed. Ambroid users can now enjoy no longer having to recreate there accounts after a season reset! Ambroid 3.3 Nuclear Edition Commences.
21st September 06 - Ambroid 3.2, Alliance page renewed with new features. Soon to come, possible politics options.
1st September 06 - Ambroid v3.0 release. New layout, easy access to onsite areas, leaders can now view news of all there alliances. Introduction of v3.0 is the birth of security and up most moderation of Ambroid. 3.0 Test server commences with testing on security and clan warfare.
28th March 06 - Ambroid transferred to new owners, new server, new rules and started new test server.
22nd August 05 - Another new server, New version of Ambroid, lots of bug fixes and a few new features.
17th June 04 - New Semi-Dedicated Server, should never run out of space or bandwidth so don't expect any resets soon.
10th October 03 - Some anti-cheating updates installed: u must be in an alliance for at least 2 days before u can leave or be kicked from it. You cannot get protection from being under 100DP, instead u get protection for your first 3 days of playing.
1st September 03 - A few minor glitches that I'll fix, but apart from that the game seems fine, good luck and don't forget to check the forum for info.
6th August 03 - Finished Work on Ambroid v2.0, time for testing!
28th July 02 - Started Work on Ambroid v2.0, correcting minor difficulties from old version!
4th May 02 - AMBROID IS FINISHED (I think) Let the TEST season begin!
27th April 02 - Site almost finished and should be ready in a week or two!
14th July 01 - Game idea thought of, started work on site front!
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Players: 31
Alliances: 4
Currently Online: 1
Total Land: 62,186
Total Wars: 206